• All women from triathlon, swim, bike and/or run are welcome.
  • There is no cost to participate.
  • This is a 1:1 mentorship program with a six month commitment.

The application window will open for mentors and mentees in November at the Outspoken Women in Triathlon Summit and remain open for one month. 

The Matching Committee will evaluate the applications and match applicants with mentors. Participants will be notified in January as part of the Endurance Exchange 2020 triathlon summit.  

At the conference, participants will be connected and provided with our Mentoring Guide, which includes workflows, resources (including the Facebook group) and check points.

At the conclusion of the six month mentorship, mentors and mentees participate in the closure process with a feedback tool. We collect data to measure success. 

As January is “National Mentorship Month,” it is part of our vision that participants attend the TBI Conference annually as a capstone experience so that mentors and mentees may meet each other in person.

After the first program cycle, we evaluate and adjust.



  • All prospective mentors and mentees must complete an online application and provide their current resume. We  you to be detailed in your application answers. The more thorough the responses, the better the match. 
  • To apply; complete and submit the online application. Only applications      submitted via the form online will be accepted. 
  • Women who wish to be considered for both mentor and mentee positions must complete both applications.
  • Submit your resume via the application form. All mentor and mentees must submit a resume with their application to be eligible for the program.
  • We recommend that you compile your  answers in a separate document first and then submit them using the online form. 
  • The TBIW Advisory Committee will review all applications and determine appropriate matches. We strive to match a mentee’s career goals with a mentor’s experience. This is a careful matching process and we do not guarantee participation. 
  • Application deadline is January 6, 2020. You will be notified of your participation      status in January.
  • Please direct  any questions to the TBIW Advisory Committee via email at 


  • Mentees: Women with a minimum of 4 years professional experience.
  • Mentors: Men and women with a minimum of 10 years professional experience.
  • To preserve the integrity and expectations of the program, applicants must meet all criteria to be considered.